Board Care Kit - Vegan
Board Care Kit - Vegan
Board Care Kit - Vegan
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Board Care Kit - Vegan

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Our board care kit is designed to help you keep your board conditioned and looking beautiful.

Clean your board and dry it thoroughly, then rub oil all over the board using the scrubby wiping with the grain, or your hands to rub in oil, and allow it to soak in for a few hours or overnight. Wipe with the included microfiber cloth and then apply board butter. Our board butter is a mix of Carnauba Wax and mineral oil, to seal the wood. Also available in a Beeswax version.

Our board care kit contains:

1 4oz container of our Carnauba Wax board butter
1 2oz bottle of either MTC Oil or Mineral Oil
Biodegradable Scrubbing Pad
Ultra-soft microfiber cleaning cloth.

All are packaged in a cute little box for storage. You can refill the mineral oil bottle. Food-grade mineral oil is available at most pharmacies.